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Lazybonez has been a reputable party band around Turku area for over ten years already, running a slow and unsteady stream of gigs. We have even built a small and reliable following (that is, our friends dig us). The music is based on the idioms of soul and funk and consists mostly of own tunes, composed more or less collectively.


in Alphabetical Order

  • Jaro Julkunen
    @ keys & harmony vocals
  • Janne Komi
    @ guitars & lead vocals
  • Vesa Koskelainen
    @ drums
  • Jari Riitala
    @ bass & harmony vocals

Coolest Misspellings

Never mind the standard Lazybones with an 's', the true heroes are here (all real):

  • Lacey Boys
  • Lady Bones

Supporting Tower Of Power in Kerava 1993

Ruisrock 1990

Forthcoming Gigs

There might be a private party in April...

The Guys in the Pictures

Sadly the pictures here show our former keyboard player Mika Herhi instead of Jaro because there are no appropriate pictures yet to show his face and/or other body parts. Maybe later...

Also, as you can see we have a horn section nowadays...

Past Gigs

Check how many you have attended to...

Audio Samples

Here are some lo-rez small audio samples.

(Ain't Such A) Good Thing Lo-Rez
Baptism Of Fire Lo-Rez 89 kB
Funky Genes Lo-Rez
I Want Ya Lo-Rez
Swing It Up Lo-Rez
Who Said Lo-Rez 74 kB



Contact Information

If you need to get in touch with Lazybonez, you can try email -- just remove the appropriate spam protection part from the address.


Non-Contact Information is down now but that was a company dealing skateboards :)


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